About Me

My name is Tamarío Holland and have been interested in natural herbs for 9+ years. What took my interest was that my late grandmother in 2006 from cancer, which was my year of graduation. I started to research all medications that she was taking, I even wanted to work at a pharmacy. That was my inspiration to get healthy and turn back to my roots. In 2011, after I gave birth to my second child, I took a year off from working and decided to work on natural products for my kids and I.

I came across Shea butter and decided to come up with whipped body butter. I didn’t go into business due to life situations. I pushed it off for years. I didn’t have the time or funds while customers demanded my products. In 2017, I got hired with USPS and it helped to be able to take care of home and to find my business. Now I’m able to make my products for others which is my passion and it excites me because I know that it changes lives of others as it did with my kids and I.